Polishable Concrete Overlay

At PCS we have been utilizing a polishable concrete overlay system. In the past we have had customers that have wanted polished concrete at their facility. Once we inspected the concrete, the slab was considered unpolishable due to one of many potential reasons. With the polishable overlays that we now utilize, virtually all concrete slabs can be polished. We start by preparing the floor with an initial grind, fill any major holes in the slab and prime the surface that the overlay will be applied to. PCS will then install the overlay with or without adding color prior to the pour. Within 2 to 3 hours the floor can be walked on and driven on within 24 hours due to the extremely fast cure time. At this point the overlay can be stained and polished and will reach 6500 psi in 28 days. We can also add aggregate to the overlay as well as colored glass, giving your floor an added one of a kind look.There are several reasons why we are very excited with this system. One of the main reasons is that instead of a facility facing extended down time (experienced in tearing out existing slabs due to their poor condition), we can offer an extremely durable alternative. A polishable overlay contains all the advantages of a true PCS polished floor with a much faster turn around than that of a dusty tear out, and is an extremely cost effective way to resurface your concrete floor.